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Classes and Courses

"We will become our opposite if we do not learn to accommodate the oppositon within us."

~ Carl Gustav Jung.

This project was born out of more than three decades of working with people in my capacity as a therapist, coach, supervisor, and trainer and is also a reflection of my journey of healing and awakening. Based on over 30 years of working therapeutically with people, these courses aim to develop transformative learning that strives to get into the heart of our basic internal conflicts and discover

ways to manage and resolve these.

Classes & Courses

  • Boundaries - The emergence of a ‘yes versus no’

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    2 hr

    100 British pounds
  • Relationality - The matrix of a self and other

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    100 British pounds
  • Vulnerability - The matrix of attack and defence mechanisms

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  • A 12-week course navigating basic life skills and developing insights

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    1,500 British pounds


Boundaries - The emergence of a ‘YES versus NO’

Unlock the power of boundaries with our transformative journey into the realm of 'yes' and 'no'. Discover the keys to defining your reality, shaping your identity, and making empowered decisions. Our alchemical approach creates a space for examining some emotional processes that are intertwined with self-value and worth and a heightened sense of ownership. Learn to enter your inner landscape and be present in the here and now where boundaries become the gateway to freedom and a life of heartful awareness. 

In this Masterclass we explore how we are bound by our boundaries, and look at our history, in particular, the junctions where boundaries emerged as a learned behaviour. 

By mastering the art of boundaries we learn to say 'no'

without guilt and 'yes' without experiencing the feeling of being used. On a deeper level, we also learn to elevate our self-worth, enhance communication, and create a resilient container for our values. Break free from toxic patterns and embrace a healthier, more empowered way of relation to yourself and others.

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Relationality - The matrix of a Self and Other

Embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and relational intelligence in a profound exploration of self and others, unravelling the poetic dance that shapes human consciousness. 

Delve into the roots of your learned intimacy, where the self is born out of a mother's gaze, and endlessly weaving a sense of identity through reflection and mirroring. 


In this class we learn to observe the dance of self and others, discovering empathy and unveiling hidden aspects of self or other, lying in the shadows of our awareness. Here we learn to use our perception like a musical instrument, attune our sense of truth and recognize our wounded parts and pain.

We will discover the psychological process that navigates the intricate dynamics of perception and interaction, offering insights into the profound interplay between connectedness and separateness.  

Without a self we are sailing in the wind of reality helplessly subjected to its power. 

Without another we wither in isolation and longing Join us in this poetic exploration of the enchanting labyrinth of human connection.

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Vulnerability - The matrix of Attack and Defence mechanisms

In this class, you will learn about the superpower of vulnerability and the treasure chest of your emotions and thoughts. This is a courageous invitation to create a deep connection with your heart and with your life. Being vulnerable is the glue that binds relationships, the key to growth and authenticity. While it may be scary, it's where courage resides, where healing and learning occur. 

We will shed some light on this powerful path to authentic connection, love, and a truly fulfilled life. This class is a transformative journey and self-discovery into the pendulum of attack and defence and the interplay of light, shadow, and vulnerability—the essence of our human complexity. This pendulum is swinging in the battlefield of our ego in a way to avoid our pain.

Rooted in the teachings of Carl Jung, our shadow selves, laden with fears and insecurities, often remain hidden. Embracing vulnerability becomes the beacon, courageously illuminating these shadowy corners. 

The truth is that pain is unavoidable. It is a part of life, but suffering doesn’t need to be. By being ourselves, stepping into vulnerability, and into our pain and other uncomfortable feelings, we can be authentic and strong and deal with things more effectively. After all, feelings are like storms they come and they go if we let them.



A 12-week course navigating basic life skills and developing insights and  reflection inherent within the complexities of our life’s issues

We would explore the following areas:
•    Boundaries - the power of Yes and No
•    Relationality - The emergence of  Self and Other 
•    Vulnerability - our coping and the spectrum of defence and attack mechanism
This course aims to provide insights rooted in both theory and practice with Interactive Learning , and dynamic discussions to enhance understanding.
This course will give the opportunity to become part of a Community Support network enabling you to Connect with like-minded individuals on a shared journey of growth and transformation.

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