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Lillie brings a robust, theoretical, and practical understanding of therapeutic and educational change and has developed change programs for individuals and communities. She harnesses knowledge and energy to foster self-sufficiency and genuine resilience in clients.

Lillie has been developing strategies for working with individuals, couples, organizations, education sectors, and communities for more than 30 years. She coaches, consults, and runs workshops and training programs in the UK, Europe, and the USA. Her journey is one of passion, resilience, and a relentless commitment to empowering individuals and communities.

Lillie's multifaceted roles as an Art Psychotherapist, Consultant Supervisor,

Group Facilitator, and International Trainer reflect a versatility and an ability

to navigate the complex interplay of social forces and hidden dynamics that shape the human experience.

In her work, she distils the essence of the learning process. Her method transforms complex matters into digestible insights, where simplicity is powered by the unveiling of profound truths beyond the intellectual.This alchemical approach strives to empower those she works on their journey of change and transformation.

Lillie is committed to creating awareness as we navigate the labyrinth of life and illuminate the path towards a more compassionate world.


I believe all people can access and use their creativity as a catalyst for greater awareness and meaning in life. I see all interactions with people as both potentially energizing and containing innate healing forces while also providing the opportunity to confront limiting beliefs and old mental and emotional patterns.

My PASSION is to empower people to reconnect with their TRUTH and FREEDOM, to feel LOVE for a life lived more authentically.

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