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Psychotherapy and supervision


Lillie facilitates and encourages the unfolding of deeper aspects of ourselves fostering self and embodied awareness through kinaesthetic, emotional, and imaginal dimensions. This helps promote the integration of body and mind.

Lillie is passionate and curious about the transformative power of words and believes words hold power that, when aligned with a truth facilitates a creative journey of transformation. She facilitates the Work through the realm of the imagination that can guide within, allowing a more sustained and deeper meaningful approach to life choices and an ability to nourish and ground one’s sense of self.


Lillie is a U.K.C.P Integrative Art Psychotherapist with over 30 years of experience of working adults, children and families in the private and public sector. She offers both short and long term therapy including on-line work. In addition she offers supervision to other professionals on an individual and group basis.

Organisational Consultancy and Executive Coaching

Organisational development is about working with the potential of organisations to help and achieve the optimal performance and capacity. Addressing the whole system contributes a different perspective that can clarify visions and goals in a way which results in greater effectiveness for the organisation. It aims to assist with problem solving, learning new techniques and skills, and creating an atmosphere of continuous improvement.

Lillie’s psychological training enables her to have deeper understanding of the underlying dynamics, systems and processes. She offers a range of resources and insights to support the work.

Lillie offers bespoke training interventions designed specifically to create, enhance, consolidate and sustain

the change process.

Training and facilitating


An enthusiastic and energetic trainer, Lillie communicates her messages in a motivating and thought-provoking, clear, and engaging way by employing a mixture of learning tools from her extensive experience.


She sees training as a process of creating meaning and learning to implement knowledge into experience. Her facilitation approach aims to identify key issues and open a door to deeper understanding through interactive discussion.  Lillie's classes and workshops engage, encourage and aim to empower all her audiences.

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