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A 360 Panorama & Exploration of The Impact of Abuse in The Fashion World
An opportunity to learn how to manage the abuse at the workplace, unleashing your personal and professional power in a one-day workshop with Fabian Hirose, Lillie Naor, Abigail Peters and Damien Cornford.

This is a creative space exclusively designed for fashion professionals and students. Paying attention to your body, mind, work environment and fashion market , we will be looking at four key skills that will get us in touch with the challenges and blocks to your personal and professional power while simultaneously releasing them in a supportive and healing your path in fashion:

• Visioning skills: A chance to Enhance our Awareness and Identify and understand the internal and external demands on us in order to achieve our professional goals in fashion.

• Creative problem-solving skills: An opportunity to gain Coping Skills and Resources when faced with obstacles as an individual, team and/or organisation.

• Insightful relationship skills: The ability to Strengthen interrelated and interconnected solutions in our our teams and draw upon healing individual and group support.

• Emotional intelligence skills: Attain a Psychological insight into our Increasing capacity to work with emotions, in order to guide our thinking and behaviour in the work place.

At the end of this day you will have useful internal and external resources to face the difficulties generated by the impact of abuse in fashion systems.

Fabian is a Brand Strategist & Organisational Consultant working for 15 years within the global fashion industry. His passion and expertise lies in working relationally with senior business leaders and cross-functional teams to unlock the lasting potential of a brand and its people.

Lillie is a Cultural Transformation & Organisational Consultant working internationally within independent business and communities for 20 years. She brings a robust, theoretical and practical understanding of leadership and change processes and has developed cultural change programmes for supporting organisation development.

Abigail Iquo Isuo Peters is an Integrative Psychotherapist, Constellator and Consultant with 15 years plus experience. She works in London, Newcastle and Greece with individuals, couples and groups. She began her career in the fashion industry and brings a wealth of knowledge into psychological emotions, dynamics and resources within individuals and interrelated systems.

Damien is a mind, body, soul consultant working with meditative techniques, light grids, body work and sound to release trauma, emotional blocks and limiting beliefs. His experience branches from international transformative retreats, private clients, group events and is the Centre Manager at Triyoga Camden, London.

Join us for this journey where we will embark on the discovery and activation of your inner potential and possibilities in relation to your fashion career.

For more information contact Fabian at


Date: 1st August 2015 - From: 10.00 to 17.30 - Price: £ 125

Venue: The Skylight Centre 49 Corsica Street London, UK N5 1JT


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